Alex Xu Electrical and Computer Engineering @ Duke University


Here is a selection of projects I have been working on, either individually or as part of a team. Check out my research page for more structured, academic-oriented research projects.

Expose App

2019, Duke University/HackDuke (Best Data Analytics Award)

A web application designed to expose the hidden subjectiveness of news articles, to ensure equitable access to reliable information for all.
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Firefighting Surveillance Drone

2018-Ongoing, Duke University

A low-cost, multi-spectral imaging quadcopter equipped with a thermal (infrared) sensor designed to assist firefighters in the field.
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Aye-aye Lemur Enrichment Feeder

2018-2019, Duke University/Duke Lemur Center

A puzzle-like feeder that simulates natural conditions and provides foraging enrichment for Aye-aye lemurs at the Duke Lemur Center.
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Visual Image Encryption via a Symmetric-key Algorithm

2016-2017, Al Kalfus Long Island Math Fair (Gold)

A digital image encryption protocol utilizing symmetric encryption at the pixel level.
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Analysis of Symmetrical Octomino Evolution in Conway's Game of Life

2015-2016, Al Kalfus Long Island Math Fair

An investigation into how 28 symmetrical octominoes evolve in Conway’s Game of Life, the famed cellular automaton from 1970.
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