Alex Xu Electrical and Computer Engineering @ Duke University


I am a sophomore at Duke University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Engineering (B.S.E.) in Electrical and Computer Engineering, with a double major in Computer Science and an interdisciplinary certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Technology and Design track). I’m interested in developing and applying technology in creative and practical ways, with the goal of real-world impact. One area I find particularly fascinating is the interface between humans and computers/technology, especially in applications of robotics, augmented/virtual reality, consumer electronics, and emerging aerospace technology.

On campus, I’m involved with Duke Model Aeronautics, the DukEngineer Magazine, and the Duke Cyber Team. I’m a laboratory TA for Duke’s First-Year Design program, and a resident of the Duke Smart Home (a living and learning community focused on sustainability and technology).

I am also conducting research in the VR space as a member of an interdisciplinary team working toward making archaeological research more efficient and impactful through technology.

In my free time, I love reading and taking photographs of landscapes and nature.

This Website

This is my personal portfolio website, designed to showcase my projects, experiences, and interests. It is a work in progress as I periodically update its content and design.

This site is statically generated with Jekyll and hosted open-source on Github. Content is typeset in Quattrocento and PT Serif. Webpages were built with partial formatting with the W3.CSS framework and Lagrange.